What if improve yourself to a better version of yourself was easy ?

  • You want to change but you tell yourself that it is difficult because you will encounter too many obstacles ...

  • You want to train and learn, but you waste too much time to find relevant content !

  • You think you would achieve your goals if you were supported regularly !

  • You are fed up with so-called "free" content whose goal is to sell you something !

  • Are you tired of the school curriculum and you want to have access to training off the beaten track ?

Good news ! StartYOUniversity is made for YOU !

We send you ONE ARTICLE every week to help you transform yourself and BOOST YOUR LIFE towards YOUR GOALS !

RECEIVE lot of advice on these 6 PILLARS

  • Personal development
  • Nutrition & Energy
  • Mindset & wellness
  • Physical & Mental Construction
  • External & Internal Martial Arts
  • Education & Life Routines

What you will acquire concretely

  • TACTICAL REFLECTIONS to apply immediately
  • TECHNIQUES and METHODS to optimize your functioning
  • ADVICE and CONCEPTS popularized so that they are accessible
  • PRACTICAL TOOLS to feel better and more efficient
  • QUOTES and INSPIRING READING of world characters
  • TUTORIALS and DEMONSTRATIONS on key topics
  • CONFERENCES and thematic TRAINING in live and in person
  • RECOMMANDATIONS targeting content that can help you

+ full of EXCLUSIVES BONUSES to make sure you succeed.

Everything you need in one place, all to improve you !

About the founders of StartYOUniversity

Both passionate about learning, we experienced immersions in China in the Shaolin Temple and the Wu Dang Temple. In our profession, we have a dozen international training courses dealing with physical and martial training, manual therapy, biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and nutrition. This is where we have combined our knowledge to share it with you


Martial arts teacher


Personnal trainer & former

They testify to their success with us

I have been practicing French boxing for 2-3 years, twice a week and I complete my training with cardio sessions at least twice a week. Despite this sport practice, I did not lose weight. Therefore, I asked StartYOUniversity to be coached in this regard. I particularly appreciated the global consideration of lifestyle (diet, sleep, stress, sport), I am delighted! I strongly recommend the skills of coaches as well as their human qualities for personalized support.


Amateur Boxer

I have been practicing downhill mountain biking for 7 years now. I contacted the coaches of StartYOUniversity regarding problems of stiffness and tension related to my practice and accumulated injuries. With the proposed content offered and the good mastery of recovery techniques, he has managed to give my body a lot of mobility and flexibility in order to optimize my ability to move with maximum efficiency and comfort.


Mountain biker & physical trainer

I started out in a weight room in order to improve my level of play. StartYOUniversity was highly recommended to me on several occasions, so I decided to take the plunge. The programs are of remarkable quality: detailed, precise, each week of training ends with measured fatigue. If like me you like square things, you will love it! As for the follow-up, it highlights human qualities and the coaches are always there to provide good advice.


American Footballer & Coach

I have been practicing physical culture and athletic strength for 6 years. 1 year ago I felt a decrease in motivation and a persistent routine, so it becomes difficult to renew on your own. I discussed it at length with the coaches of StartYOUNiversity and his humanity, his advice and techniques attracted my curiosity. So I decided to trust them and I found workouts that correspond to me 100%, they vary according to my fatigue, my feelings, my tastes to make my sessions a real pleasure.


Powerlifter & Amateur bodybuilder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StartYOUniversity Newsletters free?

Yes ! We send articles weekly for FREE! You should know that StartYOUniversity is not a business, it is a BRAND whose mission is to help people move forward in their lives whatever their aspirations.

Why is it free?

As we told you, StartYOUniversity is a brand. This brand was created by a group of sports professionals. These professionals are used to individualizing their work for their customers, they have decided to simplify and share advice and articles accessible to everyone.

Why do I have to give my email?

For two very simple reasons:

- In order to send the items to you, we need to know where to send them. Email is a great way for you to read our tips.

- To have statistics on your favorite topics and offer you the best user experience by being relevant in the topics.

Stay assured we are secure your data and like you we do not like spam and unwanted emails. With StartYOUniversity it's risk-free.

I am not receiving certain items?

Some articles may not end up in your primary inbox.

In fact, by sending you an email every day, your messaging system can categorize the email received and display it to you elsewhere. This is particularly the case in Gmail messaging where our tips can be found in the "Promotions" or "Social networks" tabs.

In the worst case, emails not received will appear in spam. If you want to ensure receipt in your main mailbox, remember to mark the emails received as "RELIABLE".

If, however, you have not received anything, you can contact us directly via our social networks.

I would like to access more content?

It happens ! StartYOUniversity is being built day by day, we are developing our content in 3 languages: French, English and Chinese. We are actively working to set up more in-depth training courses on the various subjects we deal with.

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