Is StartYOUniversity free ?

Yes ! We send article weekly for FREE ! You should know that StartYOUniversity is not a business, it is a BRAND whose mission is to help people move forward in their lives whatever their aspirations.

Why is it free ?

As we told you, STartYOUniversity is a brand. This brand was created by a group of sports professionals. These professionals are used to individualizing their work for their customers, they have decided to simplify and share these tips and articles for everyone.

Why do I have to give my email ?

For two very simple reasons:

- In order to send the articles to you, we need to know where to send them. Email is a great way for you to read our tips.

- To have statistics on your favorite topics and offer you the best user experience by being relevant in the topics.

Stay assured we secure your data, like you we do not like spam and unwanted emails.

With StartYOUniversity it's risk-free.

I am not receiving certain articles ?

Some articles may not end up in your primary inbox.

In fact, by sending you an email every day, your messaging system can categorize the email received and display it to you elsewhere. This is particularly the case in Gmail messaging where our tips can be found in the "Promotions" or "Social networks" tabs.

In the worst case, emails not received will appear in spam.

If you want to ensure receipt in your main mailbox, remember to mark the emails received as "RELIABLE".

If, however, you have not received anything, you can contact us directly via our social networks.

I would like to access more content ?

Incoming ! StartYOUniversity is being built day by day, we are developing our content in 3 languages: French, English and Chinese. We are actively working to set up more in-depth training courses on the various subjects we deal with.

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